Snowflake Email :: By Marie

Email Date: 12/8/2015

I just wanted to say I was so HAPPY to find your website!!! I had purchased a pack of 36 of your snowflake window clings several years ago (Ebay maybe?) and I had wanted to buy more but just couldn't remember where or who I had bought them from and even though I searched my past purchases on eBay they only provide the actual item description for a certain amount of time and I just could not find them in my purchase history, anyway long story short, I have just recently moved and came across the insert to the package that the snowflakes came in and I went online and did a search and found your website! I now have so many windows in my new house that I need  231 snowflakes in addition to the ones i already have to fill them all (well not all of them just the front and side of the house). Your window clings are far superior to any I have ever seen or purchased in the past and I love how they can be seen clearly no matter what side of the window you place them on and show through nicely even through double paned glass. I was first a little hesitant to spend $150 + dollars on window clings snowflakes (only b/c my husband thinks I'm crazy) but I know I will have them for years to come and will ABSOLUTELY LOVE the look once they are all up! Thanks again for making such a great product and best of luck with your future business endeavors! Happy Holidays!!!!

Sinserly, Marie