36 Snowflake Combo Pack email :: Sent By Sue

Email Date: 02/11/2016

This isn't a review, although I could write a great one.  When my brothers and I were kids, many, many years ago, our mom put snowflakes on l.r. windows at holiday time.  I don't know where she bought them and I've never seen any like them.  Each design is completely cut out, no clear outline around them.  Very heavy material, vinyl, I guess.  Various sizes and designs.  Beautiful and extremely sturdy.  I've used them the past twenty five plus years.  Anyway, your snowflakes look lovely with them.  And yours are so much easier to put on and remove from windows.  They'll all stay on our patio door until the end of this month.  I plan to order more flakes next fall, this time for daughter and daughter-in-law.  Some day they'll divvy up my collection of precious old and not-so-old snowflakes.  And so it goes.