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Illustrated Hanging Plant Laptop Sticker Review :: 09/19/2019 :: By Jeanette

Super Cute!

These stickers are so cute and the perfect size!! I was so surprised at how amazing they look, they really are perfect for laptops!!

Window Flakes decals and window clings customer 5 star rating and reviewWindow Flakes decals and window clings customer 5 star rating and reviewWindow Flakes decals and window clings customer 5 star rating and reviewWindow Flakes decals and window clings customer 5 star rating and reviewWindow Flakes decals and window clings customer 5 star rating and review

Hummingbird Window Cling Video

My Easter story

Now, this is one of those moments where thinking for just a second before responding would have helped.

What I thought the Priest said was...

Our latest video - Spring Window Clings - Spring Flowers

Our latest promo video - this one is for St. Patrick's Day

Just another fancy video pushing product.

Christmas Pudding – I didn’t want to, but I had to.

Christmas in our house was not complete without Christmas pudding.

For those of you who are not familiar with this culinary tradition, it’s basically a mixed dried fruit, dried fruit peel and fruit zest – cake. Said cake/pudding that will sit in your stomach for days  – it’s dome shaped, and is supposed to be made weeks in advance of the big day to mature…

Worst. Stocking. Stuffer. Ever.

I have never understood it, but for some reason, soap, molded as a house hold item, a food item, a toy, or with something baked in it, like a coin, are thought of as a, and I quote, “The Perfect, fun, enjoyable and quintessential stocking stuffer.”

When, I ask you, did soap on Christmas become something children want to find in their stocking?

Here’s my horror story.

What is the best Christmas / holiday gift you ever received?

OK Window Flakes nation, here’s the question: What is the best Christmas / holiday gift you ever received?

And before the messages start flying at me - I know it’s about giving, but today, for us, it’s about receiving.

Robert 'Bob' Buck for Window Flakes

Introducing the new face of Window Flakes - Robert 'Bob' Buck - a little salty on a Tuesday, but he has a good nature now and again.

I’m pushing Halloween Decals right now, so here’s a Halloween story – sort of.

My sisters and I were packed off to London to spend the Halloween weekend with my eldest brother who was at University in the big city.

I was maybe 9 at the time, the youngest of the 6 of us, my brother was 21-ish, and I think it was 1978.

Oh those crazy holiday traditions

Memories of cozy evenings around the fire after a laughter filled festive day. Reminiscing about how crazy uncle (insert name here) fell asleep in his chair having eaten so much and the something something happened, you get the idea… joy , joy, laugh, laugh, etc. etc.

Not in my family. This is the story of an attempt to start a tradition that didn’t.

Something stole, something new, something gambled, some old brew.

Yes, you recognize that fancy little ditty above, it’s from the “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, just with my take on it.

ANYWAY, to business. What is it that you stole and gambled and brewed I hear you ask with anticipation.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I brewed nothing – so all of you, bearded home brew fanatics, with your extra chewy, cheek tingling beer, this post is not for you.
But for those finger smiths in the audience, I did “stole” something.

Wrapping Paper Quick Tip (and what I did as a child)

Upgrade the wrapping, this is actually a two part tip.

Here's our latest promo video

It's all change here in the middle of 2017

While Window Flakes has been a solid little money maker for us over the past 6 years we have yet to reach those lofty "you know what's cool, a Billion dollars, that's cool" facebook levels yet - what can I say, we sell snowflakes.

An Early October Trifecta 1 Comment

It's still early in the Christmas season and things are ramping up - but yesterday. Yesterday. We reached an early season goal.

It’s not you, it’s me, I don’t like your photos.

April 8th, 2015

A number of months ago (probably 6) ETSY offered up a wholesale offering. Meaning they were moving away from the mom and pop shops and cottage industries and allowing manufacturers to sell wholesale on a separate ‘elite’ wholesale community for store owners and distributers. This, of course, was and is, a major shift in philosophy, excellent for profitability, not so much for the mom and pops.

It is here

February 3rd, 2015

I know, I know, why am I so excited about this, and who else cares about your new INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ROTARY CUTTER.... can you feel the excitement?

Good will does prevail - so do rotary cutters

January 29th, 2005

As the years have passed by, every step, process and element of my Window Flakes business has been scrutinized, examined, looked at funny, and put under a microscope - all in an effort to make things move more efficiently.

Valentines is coming and we are trying a few new things.

January 28th, 2015

Many of our customers have asked why we don't have pretty much the same offering for Valentines as we do for Christmas - we have a small offering of window clings for valentines but certainly not the quantity or variety we offer during the winter holidays - here's why.