It is here

February 3rd, 2015

I know, I know, why am I so excited about this, and who else cares about your new INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ROTARY CUTTER.... can you feel the excitement?

Here's why I am so excited - to do something well, not just from a quality prospective, but from an efficiency stand point as well, is exciting. My new cutter allows me to cut the snowflakes faster and ensures the cuts are square - it is a joy to use - if you didn't read about how I got to this cutter check out my other post on how all this came to be - I'm so glad I spend the money and went high end.

Here is it, she's a beauty - that's a fine looking snowflake (12 inch) right on top. I am SO EXCITED. Only 8 months until the season is in full swing again.

Industrial Cutter for Window Flakes Snowflake Clings