An Early October Trifecta 1 Comment

It's still early in the Christmas season and things are ramping up - but yesterday. Yesterday. We reached an early season goal.

We got our first Trifecta. Now to many of you this may not be news or blog worthy, and at this point you probably have no idea what I am talking about, but to us, it's balloons and promo T-Shirts and perhaps a celebratory drink or two (or three). It's our first Trifecta of the season!

When you sell your products online, getting orders from all your online distribution channels is vital to keep the business going - and yesterday, we got our first of the season - an order from our flagship store (on Shopify), our ETSY store and from Amazon.



This triple threat of orders also pushed out our Combo Pack from it's perennial spot as our best seller and moved our Jumbo Pack into that position. Congrats Jumbo, you worked hard and got the reward - we will celebrate our best selling Jumbo with just one more drink.

And like any good self congratulatory awards show, I'd like to pat ourselves on the back, congratulate my fantastic writers, amazing production crew, brilliant marketers with out whom my triumphant Tri-Fector would not have been possible, thanks again and we'll see you all at the after party.