It's all change here in the middle of 2017

While Window Flakes has been a solid little money maker for us over the past 6 years we have yet to reach those lofty "you know what's cool, a Billion dollars, that's cool" facebook levels yet - what can I say, we sell snowflakes.

Anyway, in an effort to make a little more pretty green and also make our entire manufacturing process a ton simpler we've decided to lower our prices.

WHAT! I hear you exclaim - yes, we've decided that moving forward we will have at least 10% lower prices - so from a day in mid April, after I did all the calculations, and made a shift in how we package and ship our snowflake decals we have reduced all the prices (well, maybe one or two products went up a tad), but across the board you are looking at a minimum of 10% lower.

We've also increased the product line - which is super exciting, new products include a bunch of Christmas window border decals and some hanging ornament decorations.