My Easter story

OK, here is it. My Easter story.

Many years ago, when my boys were still at a Catholic elementary school my family and I went to church on Easter Sunday. The school was part of the church so we knew everyone.

After the mass as we were walking out of the church I noticed the Priest greeting everyone, shaking their hands, and saying something to them. As we got closer he turned towards us and did the same thing until he reached us, he put out his hand for me to shake and said something.

Now, this is one of those moments where thinking for just a second before responding would have helped.

What I thought the Priest said was, “Thanks for the tuition”, referring to the fact that both my boys were at school there. My response was perfect, had he actually said that.

Being Easter, he was not celebrating the checks I was sending for my son’s education, he was celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

So he stuck out his hand, shock mine, and proclaimed, “Christ has risen”.

To which I politely responded, “You’re welcome”!

Happy Easter everyone.