Wrapping Paper Quick Tip (and what I did as a child)

Upgrade the wrapping, this is actually a two part tip.

  1. Regular wrapping paper is "throwaway" wrapping paper - in truth, all wrapping paper is throwaway, but anyway - if you are looking to make an impression, use Wall Paper instead - a little more expensive, but the tactile effect is what you are going for, and wall paper is much thicker, coming in a number of textures and patterns, and certainly stands out when next to the "10 rolls for a $" paper.

  2. Don't use tape. Any monkey can use tape to secure the paper and hold it all together - even if you're a magician and manage to hide 90% of the tape before the gift is opened, upon opening, the tape reveals itself. Use twine, a nice soft, plump twine or slightly frayed string (ribbons are fine, I guess, if you want to join the herd), but a fabulous twine that by just pulling on one end allows the paper to fall perfectly around the gift to reveal just how much effort you put into it, that's the business.

As a child, I:

  • At the age of eight, I took newspaper, painted it with my bright yellow watercolors and wrapped all the gifts I had for my brothers and sisters - in my head this was going to be a shiny, gold paper, thick and with a velvet touch. In reality, it was yellow-ish newspaper that flaked yellow particles all over the living room and under the tree.
  • At the age of 17, while enjoying my Goth phase, I used black tissue paper. Nothing more needs to be said - I did not smile much in those days - I was deep.