48" Snowflake Decal Cling

$ 100.00 $ 169.00

This one of a kind, and I mean there is only one - unless someone special orders more - is cut straight from white static cling material so it's super white, and because it cut directly from the material it has no border, it's all snowflake.

You will need to employ the water spray method (spray the window, peel the snowflake onto the window, wipe down, repeat) to put it on the window, and you should probably have a couple of extra hands just to make it easy.

As an added bonus it also come with 4, 8" snowflakes on the white vinyl - why waste good material was our thought. 

Once up this monster will be the center of any window display, and as with all of our snowflakes, they don't fade, crack or melt!

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