6 Snowflake Cling Ornaments (12")

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This is our bigger 12 inch version of the classic Christmas tree ornament that is now available for your windows and glass surfaces as a decal cling,  we are just thrilled about these!

Retail store owners, may I suggest buying two rolls, 12 bauble clings in total (we ship them in rolls), once you get the first set of 6 up, you will want more.

The Snowflake Bauble Decal Cling window decoration measure approx. 12 inches across and are shipped in rolls of 6. On the same roll are 6 "chains" for the baubles, each chain (it's printed static cling) is 42 inches in length, which you will find is ample for even the largest windows. As you arrange your baubles at different levels on your window, cut the "chain" to match the length you need.

We love these things and hope you will to.

If you want a smaller version, please see our 6" Snowflake Bauble Decal Cling, they come in a roll of 9.