20 Colorful Easter Eggs Window Clings

$ 49.00

🐣 EASTER DISPLAYS :: Complement your Easter decor with these 20 beautifully egg window stickers. These window clings are contour cut and finished with our innovative double sided print. Ideal for store window displays, cafe's, restaurants, offices, patio doors or Easter household windows.

🐣 INSIDE and OUT :: These 20 Easter Eggs come in vibrant colors and are double sided so decorates both the view from inside and outside of your home windows or store window display. 

🐣 SIZE :: Each individual egg measures about 6" tall by 4.5" wide and can be applied in any pattern to create an eggy border, eggy corners or to match with any of our other Easter window displays.

🐣 NO MESS :: Static cling means no adhesive, just a fine spray of water to apply which means no damage to your windows and your Easter decals can be moved easily and re-used next year.

🐣 FREE SHIPPING / HIGH QUALITY :: Free shipping same day in the USA by Window Flakes or by Amazon Prime. We use the highest quality materials and an innovative UV print process. You won't be disappointed. 

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