70, 3" Stars Sheet of Window Clings

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A little break from brand and tradition but enough ladies, and yes, I test my products with the ladies (the gents are just looking for the next free beer...), anyway, enough ladies thought the sheet of 70 static cling stars were, in there words, "stunning" and "something they would use" (you can check the test sheets), that I had to offer it to everyone, even the lads.

So here it is: 70 static cling stars, on a roll, each star approx. 3 inches in size.


Each star is white and can be placed individually anywhere - so cover one window with all 70, or put 10 stars on seven windows, your choice.

As with all our window clings, these stars are reusable and do not fade or crack, they basically last forever (nothing is forever, but you get the idea).

The sheet of 70 stars ships in a postage tube.