4 Halloween Jack O'Lantern Pumpkins(11")

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I know, I know, nothing is as spooky and sometimes disturbing as a well carved, beady eyed, rotten teeth, funky smiling face on a pumpkin jack-o-lantern. Candle in it, lit, ready to come alive as you walk past and bite your ankles... OK, maybe I had a disturbing dream once...


Here is an alternative... my set of four pumpkin window clings - designed with a spooky looking toothy smile all good Halloween pumpkins have. There are four individual carved jack-o-lantern decals, and they are shipped on a roll to you.

This window decal measures approx. 11" in diameter and unlike your regular garden variety jack-o-lanterns, will not fade or crack or get all funky and rot, and even better my pumpkin decals are reusable and can be brought back next year, and for years after that.

I'm not suggesting we replace the original, but for your store windows, your office doors and entry way, our Halloween pumpkin window clings might be a great way to express your spirit and get in that scaring mood without having to bring the real deal inside your window display or office.

We also offer these jack-o-lantern clings in full color.