308 Snowflake Store Pro Pack of Snowflake Clings

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The air is thin up here...

The 308 Pack of Snowflake Window Clings, our Store Front Pro Pack, is perfect for a large retail store front, auditorium, theater, 5th Avenue shop, Madison Avenue Office, Sunset Blvd boutique or just a crazy massive house with a boat load of windows.

Professional Decorators, this is your bread and butter right here. Holiday spirit spilling over, this assortment and quantity of snowflake window clings will cover pretty much everything, of course, you can always take two if you think you need to.

The Store Front Pro pack includes the following:

Like every snowflake, our Window Flakes are unique in design, examples of the snowflake decal designs are pictured below. 

WIndow Flakes snow flake clings and snow flake decals

Simple to use, just peel the snowflake cling from the vinyl backing and place them on your window in any design you like, if you want to rearrange them, peel them off and move them around.

Our snowflakes cling to your windows without adhesive or glue, so save the vinyl backing to store them for next year.

All snowflake clings are white in color and do not crack or fade.